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Aerin and I

Monday, 20 January 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps,

No sadly Estee Lauder's grand daughter and I are not close friends but boy would I like to be, 'Aerin, if you are reading this I make great Nescafe and Rocky Road...'

As soon as I read the first interview for the launch of Aerin and saw the style and concept behind this range I was in awe, you know how some brands evoke a sense of how you would like to be, live your life, the image you would like to project. Well for me this is Aerin.

Cool, sensual, calm - dare I say serene natural beauty.

So as I browsed her beautiful coffee table book 'Beauty at Home' on the Estee Lauder counter the lovely sales assistant struck up conversation - also gushing about how amazing the products in the range are (of course) but also how stylish the lady herself is and how all of the assistants fantasised about her ethereal image and lifestyle.

With this the lovely lady took my number and booked me in for a full Aerin make over with the new SS14 products...

So I may not have the lifestyle but perhaps with the SS14 palette I may be able to serene my image and replicate in the busy world of working mummy about town.

Lots of Love,



Here is the palette from last summer.... Oh how I hope the next one is as darling....

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