The Emperor's New Clothes...

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hello Pretty Peeps,

This weekend I popped round to see my dear Auntie who lives down the road and who has advised me on make up and beauty for years having made many mistakes and discoveries herself along the way! Her first comment to me was ' Good gracious what have you done to your skin?!' 

Well here is the confession, when I lived at home my Auntie was pretty strict about the products I used and I was pretty much limited to rose water, Nivea and pure Aloe Vera (from the plant!) and it has to be said I had pretty perfect skin...there was one other product but I will tell you about that in a min. 

Since moving out and being all grown up over the years I have introduced serums, cleansers, water from Mount Hanacoocoo, moisturisers with SPF, moisturisers without, Vitamin E, Vitamin A you name it I have added it to the programme and then sadly add in hormones and BOOM skin that looks like the only beauty treatment you have had involved a sander...

So what was that final secret product that served me so well - Almond Oil. 

So off my Auntie sent me with a brand new bottle and strict instructions....

It has been three days since I reverted back to using only two products and my skin has never looked better.

So be careful lovelies, pretty packaging isn't everything. Drink lots of water, don't over load your skin and keep it pure!

Lots of love

FFF xxx

P.s obviously do not use if you have a nut allergy xx
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