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Snow Fairy

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Hey Pretty Peeps,

Imagine the scene, you are in the kitchen helping your mum peel the carrots, whilst ensuring all the guests have drinks, keeping your Uncle from starting a debate on the war and Granny from drinking the cooking sherry. You then see your nephew trying to ride the dog....

At this point you really want to the hit the Eggnog...by all means do but why not also try these gems...

Snow Fairy Sparkle massage bar and shower gel from Lush.

They smell of candy floss and pear drops, sparkle like snow and feel soft and mallow like on the skin.

They are so divine Lush have also released the Snow Fairy fragrance if you want to waft around in a state of serene wonder...although the Eggnog will also have the same effect.

These treats are only available at Lush over the festive period so get stocking up for the rest of the year! 





P.s These smell really lovely but don't eat them, also pre warn the hubby these have glitter in so could be a little embarrassing if off on a lads night out...opps....

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