Pressure, pampering and parties

Monday, 16 December 2013

Hey Pretty Peeps,

Well all I can say is HECTIC would sum up life at the mo, with parties, exciting opportunities at work and preparing for Christmas I feel like the days are racing by.
As I know many of you will be in the same boat, I thought I would put together a little 'power post' to help us all reach Christmas Day dazzling.

So firstly, immune support.

Diet is so important but I know when busy it is tricky to eat healthily and after a night on Cosmos at the Christmas do or finishing deadlines it is hard to face cereal et al so regardless of whether you hit the Maccy D breakfast queue try to top up with juice to rehydrate and recoup some all important vitamins.

Water, water, water...need I say more, and if you are drinking over the Christmas period plenty of carbohydrates to absorb and also give you energy.

I have also been trialling* some awesome vitamins called Glucasan which offer immune support and I have to say these have fought off two colds and having taken for 3 weeks I have managed to avoid all of my little boy's germ factory bugs too!

Find out more here :

The great thing as well, is if like me at times you need more support or you feel a cold coming on you up the intake to two vitamins per day.

The team at Vitalize are incredibly helpful so if you have any questions they are more than happy to help and advise. There are also a range of helpful resources on the we site.

Relaxation and restoration

I cannot recommend Aromatherapy Associates products enough, my favourite being the Revive Evening oil which is just so relaxing - you just add 2 little cap fulls to your bath and breath...

The scent is a mixture of geranium, ylang ylang, patchouli and sandalwood - completely heavenly. 

And finally just three little pamper treats for when you are on the go...

Laura Mercier's Creme Brûlée hand cream is divine and a real festive treat...

L'Occitane Essential Water spray which you can spray on your face to revive and refresh, the scent is from their Immortelle range and is fresh, sweet and light - so ideal if you have been at that PC screen for too long!

And finally, when running to events, meetings and parties in the wind and rain  Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Wild Ginger Blow-Out Spray to hold your fabulous 'do!

I hope this keeps you all looking and feeling fabulous xx

Lots of love 



P.s please do not take any supplements without consulting your GP first. 

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