Going for the chop...

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Hey Pretty Peeps,

I have for the past few years whether brunette or blonde had long hair. I use to love it, dreamt of having mermaid long hair that flowed in a sexy ethereal way but to be honest it rarely happened and to be spent most of its time up in a bun, pony tail or french twist.

So after a particularly bad hair day I did something rather drastic and chopped off  6 inches by myself - a tad mad, although hubby wasn't at all surprised and luckily it looked pretty good.

Two weeks ago I admitted my little outburst to my lovely hairdresser at Hobs and we decided it was time for a more practical sassy cut. As I was having it cut shorter I decided it was now or never to go blonder and although the re growth is horrendous I can't quite give up my peroxide addiction just yet...

The team at Hob are fantastic and really know what will suit you and the best way to achieve your desired colour. I have to say this is the purest pastel blonde I have  ever achieved. 

Here is me before a night out and for all the worry about not feeling as girlie with shorter hair I actually love it! I actually think I might want to go...shorter! 

Lots of love

FFF xxx

P.s If you go to Hob now and become a client you receive a welcome pack full of discounts and incentives xx

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