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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hello Pretty Peeps!

Possibly an ideal post for a Thursday morning when we are all feeling a little bit bleary eyed.

A few weeks I was sent by Optrex their new to market Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist*, which I have to say arrived at a most opportune moment having had little sleep thanks to my little boy. 

I hate the idea of putting anything in my eyes, cannot use contact lenses and struggle with false eyelashes so I was over the moon when I read that this product is used on a closed eye - even over make up.

Right, so the idea is that this product cares for tired eyes and restores the eyes moisture to aid comfort and healthy appearance.

I cannot fault how easy this was to use and I can confirm it didn't smudge my mascara - although I would be skeptical about using over full eye make up and false lashes.

Did it make a big impact? Erm not particularly - it felt pleasant enough and was quite soothing but I cannot say it had a huge visual impact over the week that I tested it.

Would I buy again? As a little treat perhaps and I will continue to use so I can note any enhancement and feed back.

Thanks Optrex for inviting me to test :)

Have a lovely day peeps!

FFF xxxx

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