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Doe Eyes, Girl Power and The Fairytale Ending

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hey Pretty Peeps,

This post is a bit of a different one as today I will not be fawning over lipstick or silk,satin,sequins etc...well maybe later...;)

Today I wanted to talk about something that has been bothering me greatly and I wanted to share a few big sisterly words of wisdom.

On Saturday, I was sat on the train opposite a pretty girl and her shall we say 'boyfriend'. The conversation went a bit like this 'Babe, look, she just can't understand that it is over and she still needs my support... I just need to speak to her one more time as she needs some help with some building work in her flat...' So, the pretty girl with big doe eyes sat there quietly pulling on her false eyelashes nodding along in agreement looking like she had just been told Selfridges was closing down and do you know what she said...'Ok if you think that's best' He went on to promise her the moon and stars whilst later slotting in that said ex girlfriend would also be popping round that evening.

The sad thing is, we have all been there, but in a time where apparently women are powerful, career focused and successful why are we still letting some naughty men get away with playing our hearts like a banjo.

Some may call it delusional I like to think of it as wishful thinking, all (most, me especially) woman believe in love and a happy ever after and there is NOTHING wrong with that but make sure you are chasing the Care Bear dream with the right prince.

Here are signs to watch out for :

1. We all have ex partners but beware of men with ex girlfriends where the ties aren't quite broken particularly over anything ridiculous like DIY, previous relationship items, materialist stuff...pot plants - alarm bells should ring and especially if the term "emotional support' is used. Of course, this is a different case with children and animals but even then there should ideally be an agreement in place.

2. Don't ever be that girl that feels the need to snoop through phones/emails etc... if this is happening it isn't working. You cannot have a future with a man you do not trust entirely regardless of love. Think about it, all you are searching for is the evidence to back up how you feel. Trust you instincts. If he has multiple phones (not related to work), a PIN on his phone etc...ask why.

3. Don't be fobbed off, if something concerns you ask, if he cannot talk things through and reassure you he is effectively an ape and you don't want to be dating a primate.

There are some amazing men out there that will treat you as you deserve to be treated and that won't cause your Bobbi Brown mascara to run. So, pretty girl if you are reading this, tell said 'boyfriend' to run into the sunset with his DIY manual and Ex and you head to Selfridges... their Christmas floor is something to truly behold.

Big hugs

FFF xxxx

If you ever need reminding this Charlotte Tilbury make up bag should do the trick....

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