Ask a Make Up Artist : Mini Series part 3

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Hey Pretty Peeps!

What better way to keep warm on a cold wintery night than another fab interview with a Make Up Artist who has an amazing way with colour and composition.

I suggest curling up with a festive hot choc and reading this truly lovely interview with Yasmin Lovece....

Dear Pretty Peeps,

As a makeup artist... 

You get to choose your discipline, a lot of people think makeup artists just make models up and that's all there is to it, but there is so much more to discover! Here are a list of disciplines you can go into... Fashion and Beauty - the most popular discipline for makeup artists this includes working for makeup brands and London Fashion Week etc Editorial - Best type of makeup to do to build up your portfolio Theatre (stage makeup) - makeup for Theatre productions are a lot different to fashion and beauty makeup  Prosthetics - mainly used in film Special Effects - mainly used in film Wigmaking - used on films and theatre, also can make your own wigs/hair extensions privately for clients Hairstyling - basic requirement now for makeup artists, you need to be able to style hair aswell, on most shoots they will employ you as a hair and makeup artist Bodypainting - some artists going specifically into this area, but this can also include face painting for children's parties etc These are the disciplines you can go into after you have studied makeup 

What makes a good makeup artist... Creativity! Having ideas and inspirations all the time is key to being a good makeup artist! Visiting art galleries a couple times a year, flicking through the lastest edition of Vogue or just following your favourite celebrities through social networking sites, following their latest fashion it all helps!  What is the most exciting part of being a makeup artist... Good question! There could be endless answers to this question but for me personally, I feel it's getting to work alongside people who are just as passionate as you, there is nothing more rewarding. Whether it be working with other artists or photographers, you can constantly bounce of eachother for ideas and inspiration and you are all there because we all love what we do! 

What are the pros and cons of being a makeup artist...Pros: Meeting new people, you are constantly networking and you can meet new people all the time whether it be through a phootshoot, recommendation or even social networking sites Becoming a makeup artist can require only 2 years o studying (minimum) for you to then pursue your career as a makeup artist! Being your own boss, as a makeup artist you are self employed, this dosen't mean being lazy and working when you want, it can be a stressful career at times. You could be working very long hours, even working right through to the early hours of the morning! Always be prepared. Cons: You have no schedule! When you first start out you as a makeup artist you may get a few shoots here and there, but your can never predict your work schedule, it's not a normal 9 to 5 job. It's very competitive industry, you need to makeup yourself stand out from other makeup artists, say to yourself what do you do differently from everyone else, this will make your stand out Keeping yourself busy! This is what aspiring makeup artists don't do enough! If you have some free time you need to be emailing other artists to try and get work experience, set up a blog, networking with people! There is always something for you to be doing, it will pay off! 

What are you top 3 items in your makeup kit... 
MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick, this is key to many signature looks and looks amazing on various skin tones! Benefit They're Real Mascara I'm itching with excitement writing this, I just can't get over how A-M-A-Z-I-N-G this mascara is! Must have item in your kit! HD Brow Pallet, brows have been big over the past year (thanks to Cara Delvingne) and I cannot live without this compact pallet! Even if you don't have your eyebrows HD' this pallet is brilliant, it has two different shades to fill in your eyebrows and two highlighting colours! It's also the perfect pallet to take if your travelling. 

What is the most underrated makeup brand... Sleek Makeup, all the way! A few months ago I purchased their 'Ultra Mattes Pallette Brights' to use on a shoot as I normally use MAC eye shadows, but I didn't have enough bright colours so I opted to buy this pallet! I have never been so blown away by a highstreet brand before! All 12 colours in the pallet came out exactly how they look in the palette, the pigmentation was amazing! Since then I have purchased a lot more products from this high street brand and they never fail to deliver, what you see is what you get with this brand! They are a very budget friendly brand, I shall continue to rave about the until they get the recognition they deserve! 

What are your go to brands... 
MAC as this was the first brand I ever used when I studied makeup. Illamasqua is another amazing brand, as I can't fault any of their products! Yves Saint Laurent, where would I be without my Touche eclat! They also do great foundations and lipsticks! Highstreet makeup 

Rimmel London, Loreal, Sleek Makeup & Maxfactor What would be your top tip for any aspiring makeup artist... To be determined! Only you can put yourself out there and make it happen! Discipline yourself and stay focused, it's a crazy industry and nothing can prepare you for it! If you work hard and network with the right people you will get where you want to be and it will pay off in the long run. 

Hope this helps!


Yasmin xx

Find out more about Yasmin's work and to make contact please go to her Twitter and Youtube Channel below : 
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