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Monday, 7 October 2013

Hi Pretty Peeps,

How are you all?

Mondays are never my favourite day so today I was happy to have this little parcel arrive from You.

I know the Daily Mail is not everyone's favourite paper but I have to say I love their beauty offering and always nab my aunts You magazine, which is how so found out about their Discovery Box.

To be honest I have been a Glossybox subscriber before but found the varying quality annoying and I worried I was wasting £13.95 a month. So, although a tad jaded by beauty boxes this box seemed like a happy medium. The box is £6.95 a month and you pick the two products you would like most and they throw in a few other treats.

This is what I received this month :

L'Occitane Divine Cream 3ml
Glo.minerals Lash Boosting Mascara
Small mirror and a Naked bar (not photographed as small boy devoured on first sight)

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with the mirror and naked bar which are bit pointless and a bit naff. I would have been happier with a few samples in sachets to be honest.

I shall see what next month is like and how I get on with the products I selected for October.

Can you recommend any other beauty boxes that are new to the market?

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