Lunch at Lussmanns

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hey Pretty Peeps,

Si and I are making a real effort to settle in to Hertford and sample all of the restaurants it has to offer. 

Si and I don't get a lot of adult time together, so we like to make a big effort when we do!

You may have guessed by now that pink is my favourite colour and as Si pointed out - this is a signature outfit!

The dress is from Boohoo, tights from Accessorize and heels from Faith.

As I indulged in the new Revlon Adorned lipgloss I thought best keep the rest of the accessories and make up pared down!

The look is pretty bright but I loved it and felt great wearing it to lunch - even if it did pour down...

I have to say Lussmanns is now my favourite restaurant and we shall certainly be returning soon!

Hope you are all having a fab week x


FFF xxx

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