Warehouse, Elle and the sculpter Anna Ackred

Monday, 28 October 2013

Hey Pretty Peeps, 

I want to share this with you as I am so enchanted by Anna Ackred's work and so chuffed that she has won this awesome competition I had to share with you her entry to the Warehouse Talent Spot Competition. 

Simply stunning................


FFF xxx

Winner of the 2013 Warehouse Talent Spot Competition in association with Elle Magazine: Paper sculpture installation launches today

London based designer and paper artist Anna Ackred has been announced as the winner of the 2013 Warehouse Talent Spot in association with Elle Magazine. The Talent Spot competition supports emerging talent and creates a launchpad for undiscovered, young creatives to exhibit their work and kickstart their career in fashion and design.

Today sees the launch of Anna’s paper sculpture installation at the flagship Warehouse store on Argyll Street, London. The installation features three, hand cut paper sculpture dresses, suspended in mid air and illuminated from within, casting shadows around the window display and creating an eerie, gothic look to celebrate hallowe’en.

The concept for the installation is to explore the influences behind the key trends of the Warehouse AW13 collection, and to develop these themes, creating elaborate and exaggerated paper sculptures.

Speaking about the installation, Anna explained; “I love working with paper to explore the fashion design process, it’s a really accessible medium because it’s such an every day object, yet it creates a really striking effect. Paper sculpture allows you to create some really beautiful forms in a way you can’t achieve with textiles. The sculptures are an artistic exploration of trends in fashion, and although are not intended to be worn as garments, this installation asks the audience to think about the inspirations behind fashion and to look at fashion as an art form.”

The installation is in store from 24 October to 05 November 2013.

About the artist: Anna Ackred works as an independent designer and dressmaker, and has recently established her own label; Blinking Lights (www.blinkinglightsfashion.com).

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