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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hello Pretty Peeps,

I have just ordered the Howard Murad book 'Creating A Healthy Life' for £18.99 
to add to my collection of beauty and fashion books. ( I will of course review when it arrives!)

I work at a university so I spend a lot of time reading reports and educational bits and pieces which I do enjoy but secretly my favourite books after Jilly Cooper ;) are my beauty and fashion reference books.

Here is just a little selection of books I go back to time and again for reference, inspiration and sometimes just to make me smile especially Fruits which features Japanese street fashion.

Fruits published by Phaidon

I adore this book because it takes the pretence out of fashion. Funky and fantastically styled you may not feel the look is for you but I challenge you to not come away from this book with fresh ideas for items in your wardrobe and a more light hearted view of fashion.

These girls were cool before Gwen Stefani propelled them into the spotlight :) to find out more go

The Goddess Guide and The Goddess Experience published by Harper Collins 

The Goddess Guide and The Goddess Experience are both written by Gisele Scanlon who not only knows a thing or two about fashion and beauty she is a delightful illustrator and each page of these books is a composition of loveliness. This book features everything from exclusive shops where you will find unique perfumes and scents through to where to buy the best Red Velvet cake.

I have read some criticism of the second book that it is repetitive, maybe slightly in my opinion but plenty of new info that makes the second book as insightful as the first.

Parisian Chic published by Flammarion

Parisian Chic is the Parisian reference guide written by Ines de la Fressange with Sophie Gachet.

This is the go to book for all info on French style, from the obvious shops like Colette through to small boutiques like Marie-Helene de Taillac who makes the most precious jewellery.

This is just a little selection, if you like this kind of post or can share any other great fashion reads let me know.

Lots of love

FFF xxx

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