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Monday, 2 September 2013

There isn't a girl in the world that doesn't trust her favourite concealer to cover blemishes and spots,to enable her to face the day with confidence.

Like my previous SO project skin care post there are a few guidelines to follow to insure your concealer is helping and not hindering your blemishes.

1. Always apply your concealer with a clean brush or finger.

2. Never apply your concealer directly from the stick, this can lead to transferring bacteria and that is never good!

3. Be very careful on using concealer or any product on broken skin, this can lead to further infection and irritation. If possible allow the skin to heal over before applying.

That is the basics! Now, the world of concealers is a mine field. Some concealers are green, pink, purple, yellow argh!!!!

Right, well the idea is that concealers tinted with green and various other shades will neutralise any redness in the skin allowing you to create an even appearance and base to work on.It does work. Do I bother? No. 

Other shades within a palette of concealers can also help to : brighten (pink), conceal (yellow), lift dark circles (pale cream) and as I mentioned neutralise (greens, purples).

Key things to remember :
1. Make sure the concealer matches your skin tone - is not overly light or dark and you blend well. 
2. Apply concealer post foundation.
3. If you are using on the eye area apply by dabbing and be careful not to over apply as you can end up looking like you have been wearing googles après Ski :)

So here are my favourite products, the Natural Collection number I have used for over 10 years and I love it as a starting point.

1. Look Beauty Conceal It - great finish and not overly drying. Two shades that conceal and brighten.

2. Benefit Perk Up Artist - a range of shades to use to conceal, brighten and correct. Slightly thicker product - be sure to apply thinly.

3. No 7 Concealer Trio - fab kit for on the go and all for £9.50! 

4. A trusty favourite - perfect for new beauties on the block with a limited budget. £1.99. Be careful to not over apply to avoid flaking and drying of the skin as the formula is quite heavy.
I hope these products help and are purse friendly :) 

My only other tip would be to lightly set you concealer with a tiny touch of powder and you should be ready to go!

Lots of love

FFF xxx

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