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Monday, 16 September 2013

What a perfect topic for when the weather has just turned and we are desperate to keep our summer glow without looking like we have just come back from boot camp muddy...

Bronzer is a product you either LOVE or loathe, for me it can create serious girl envy when I see naturally olive skinned or naturally bronzed girls flaunting their subtly shimmering cheek bones.

I am pale, with bleach blonde hair so as you can imagine if I swipe on bronzer just a few shades too dark I can look like Rambo.

So the secret to this product is gently, gently and layer lightly until you get the right depth of colour.

Steps I follow :

1. Pull your hair off your face and tie back, I use a Kabuki brush but as long it is a full round brush and bizarrely not the brush most bronzers come with (you know the ones that are as stiff as a broom - literally stripes ahoy with them) and start by blending the bronzer in around your hair line and then down the side of your face and along your jawline. Again, make sure you blend.

When it comes to your face, use lightly down the sides of your nose and on your cheek bones, making sure to blend up to your hairline at a 45 degree angle. Do not overly apply down the front of the nose as this can widen the appearance of the bridge - not so good. 

See below my recommendations for bronzers, across a fair price range and for pale roses like myself :)

If you are just not bothered about bronzer, I use No7 Naturally Sunkissed Gradual Face Tan with just a hint of tan all year round if I need a little boost!

I hope this helps all x

Lots of Love

FFF xxx

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess - Dual shade

No7: Dual Bronzer

Body Shop: Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder

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