The Cosmetics Fairy

Friday, 6 September 2013

Moving house is in the top five most stressful things you can do apparently and trust me I found it pretty challenging and certainly not glamorous! Once, we settled in I really felt the need for a little treat...but houses are expensive and beauty is not cheap :o( So I thought I'd have a little look online for some deals and I came across the Cosmetics Fairy  - literally the most perfect name.

And...I had an absolute field day....

If you fancy a little party with the Cosmetics Fairy I cannot recommend her enough, also the delivery came super quick and was really reasonably priced!

I have just used my new X-plode nail varnish which so far is looking beautiful layered over my OPI Nail Envy.

I will do a review of the other products in due course but in the mean time pop over and see the Cosmetics Fairy, she is a real treasure.

Lots of Love


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