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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Hello lovely peeps,

Following on from a few weeks of indulgent fashion,beauty,shopping, luxurious things posts. I thought I would do a post thats a bit more, well, shall I say important (of course not that the others aren't) ok shall we say different.

Over the last few weeks I have noticed on Twitter and on blog posts that many of my readers are back at uni,  starting new jobs or starting their careers - well first of all well done and good luck, but beyond that from someone slightly further down the line I thought I would share some mistakes and choices I have made that maybe I would do differently if I were starting out again.

Follow you passion not your purse 

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a fab job as a window dresser for a big high street store and she loved it, but it was hard and the hours were long and sometimes through the night which wasn't particularly convenient when it came to socialising/boyfriends etc so she thought she should get a 'serious' job and was successful in gaining a position in a media firm, seduced by the glamour, name dropping and flash company she left her role as a window dresser as this new role paid more money although she had no real idea what the role entailed. Before she left, the shop offered her a pay rise and a new role but the naive girl declined.

Let's cut to the chase, the role sucked, the company was all smoke and mirrors and the girl left the job and moved home. Lots of soul searching ensued....

See though the air kissing, follow your passion - talent will take you the rest of the way. Remember money is NOT everything.

Never be held back 

I spent most of my uni years going from boyfriend to boyfriend which invariably meant I missed out on lots of events, socialising and exploring that I would have loved and would certainly have enriched my late teens, early twenties. Be confident in who you are, you don't need a side kick to define who you are and the right man will come along when you least expect it, for me this was when I was still a tutu wearing, party fiend.

Never be held back by anyone, a group of friends, colleagues, family. They make their decisions and you make yours, always think carefully before you ask someones advice are they thinking what is best for you or them?

Never have too much pride

I got turned away from St Martins to do a Fashion BA and at the time I was a hot headed, confident and some may say overly determined fire cracker that took this news like a bullet. I made rash career choices after that and didn't take advice from anyone. Why? because I was hurt. I needed more time to develop my skills and I was too impatient to see that or be told.

Never be too proud to take advice from an expert, take time to reflect on mistakes or challenges and then brush yourself off and start again.

Think about your priorities 

I know this is a cliche, but where do you see yourself in 10 years time, what are your priorities and who are you as a person?

I really admire people that travel round the world with a rucksack but I couldn't do that because as much as I like to think I am an outgoing person I still like to get the last train home. I loved having my own flat and being independent but secretly always new I wanted a family and that that would always be my number one priority and the rest would have to fall in around that.

You don't need all the answers, you don't even need to know the questions, you just need to know what makes you happy and try to fill your day with as much of that 'happy' as possible. If it is a long term goal think of your happy path and the goals you need to achieve along the way to get there.

Keep going guys you are going to be awesome,

Lots of love



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