Wednesday Wanted!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

 Hello pretty peeps!

Well today I had a big disappointment, but lucky for you all it inspired my Wednesday Wanted...

Today, as I wandered around my local Superdrug, I spotted the new Katy Perry fragrance 'Killer Queen' and as I was already in love with the bottle I had high hopes for this fragrance.

Right, well let's get right to the was nice. Average. Predictable. I didn't waft around feeling like a killer queen, the scent was not distinctive and to be honest quite forgettable. Disappointed. All that hype. Flat scent.

So, this brings me to a favourite of mine, a scent that is slightly excessive in price, scent and design but I just can't help but love it.

X- Ray Profumo's Laquered Rose is £120 a bottle, the packaging is distinctive and the scent heady and rich. It is so beautiful and unique it is quite hard to describe so here is Space NK's review : 
Inspired by the Arabian Coast and modern Dubai. This sublime oud with a creative edge is comprised of over twenty of the finest, purest essential oils, considered the jewels of the fragrance world.

Lavish Turkish rose, baise oil, and agarwood progress to a transcendent warmth created by Indonesian patchouli, black amber, Spanish cade oil, olibanum and cistus absolute. Comprised of over 20 of the finest and purest essential oils, considered to be the jewels of the fragrance world.

I strongly suggest next time you pass Space Nk you give yourself a spritz because this scent may be outrageous in many ways but it certainly is not forgettable and who wants to be forgettable....

Have you tried any of the other X-Ray scents? Can you recommend any stand out fragrances? 
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