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The Wrinkle Roller Ball

Monday, 12 August 2013

Such a sexy topic and one I try not to give too much thought to. Ageing. 

From the age of 25, people have rallied home the importance of anti ageing lotions, potions and witch craft (slight exaggeration) to keep those pesky wrinkles at bay.

Let me say now, the best product I have ever used is the Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer but this is incredibly expensive and I just cannot justify that on my frown lines whilst I am still young enough to fritter my money away on pretty shoes/dresses/stickers/lipsticks....

So, most recently (the last 2 weeks) I have been using this nifty little roller ball called Age Repair Targeted Concentrate by Marks and Spencer in their Formula Skincare range. The initial sensation when rolling over my forehead is quite odd and may I say gimmicky but it certainly gave my skin a level of glow and a slightly more plump appearance, of course this could all be in my head as when I look at the before and after pictures it looks exactly the same!

As such a dedicated blogger I did take the snaps below, slightly cringey but if they help you it was worth the embarrassing show and tell!

Ho hum, back to the drawing board...do you have any recommendations for anti wrinkle products, that don't cost as much as a bottle of Veuve Cliquot?....


FFF xx
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