The September Edit

Saturday, 17 August 2013

The September edit is the exciting edit of styles and trends set for Autumn/Winter every year presented by all of the fashion media darlings.

There is something about the September edit by the likes of Vogue et al that gets me excited about the season ahead, but beyond that, it is the high street brand interpretation and blogger reactions and styling that really sets my pulse racing.

So, to mark this fashion moment I have decided to do my own September edit spread across several posts, looking at each trend. I will of course feature the beautiful high end designer items in all their glory but also the high street interpretations to ensure no matter what your budget you can shop with your eyes AND your purse!

Let's get started!

Overdose on Opulence and Decadence

The first post to feature today will be my personal favourite - Opulence.

Of course, the term opulence creates the image of wealth, decadence and intense beauty in the mind but for me the thing I love about the idea of opulent dressing is the idea of combining intense beauty, rich colours and a level of undress, abandonment to the styling i.e. not polished, slightly wild.

One of my favourite collections from over a decade ago that really demonstrates this from the past is the Imitation of Christ fall show from 2001 Imitation of Christ Fall 2001

As you can see, the clothes although beautiful and elaborate evening wear, are worn with a level of frivolous abandonment. Of course, films like the Moulin Rouge, Marie Anntoinette and Great Gatsby illustrate such behaviour through various eras...

I have selected some of favourite pieces coming up for Autumn/Winter 2013 below for you.

Of course, Dolce and Gabbana have nailed it - but still a tad kempt for my taste....

The Dress to Excess Edit...

The high end offering (above)

The highly embellished... 

L-R Miss Selfridge,Frock and Frill, Frock and Frill

The high street opulent offering, from none other than Miss Selfridge who I feel are really on the button with this trend.

My only tip for styling would be to layer up the jewels, let your hair go wild, slick on a rich lipstick such as YSL Rouge Scandal or Riri Woo by Mac (both matt) and don't reapply till dawn.

Opulence, excess and an effervescent demeanor is the key formula to being the life and soul of this party.

op·u·lence   (py-lns) also op·u·len·cy (-ln-s)
1. Wealth; affluence.
2. Great abundance; profusion.

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