I want CANDY! x

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Candy to me means everything from cake to kisses :) Candy is : cute accessories and lovely goodies that can be picked up in sweetie shops and in this case Miss Selfridge!

Now, a few years back I was a huge Miss Selfridge fan, so much so, it was my one and only store card that felt more like a loyalty card the amount it was used.

Then something odd happened, I began to find Miss Selfridge too boho and felt it had lost it's feminine edgy style that I had always loved. So, by chance as I was reading through my trusty Look magazine I saw and loved the watch below and had to visit my old haunt again...

Well all I can say is, I didn't even get to the clothes! The Diva jewellery line is delicious. Pretty. Funky. Affordable. Unusual. Love. It.

So it looks like I now know where I will be getting my candy from now on...and next time I may even make it to the clothes!

Images all my own, all items Miss Selfridge.

Ooh except my wedding and engagement ring worn on my thumb and little finger.

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