Bright and Dewy Make Up

Saturday, 24 August 2013

For all people suffering after last night's festivities or like me who had a small toddler sharing my bed! Today, I am looking a touch tired (shattered...). So my make up has got to work extra hard!

There are a few secrets that I would like to pass on. 

1. Avoid face powders! This clings to fine lines and can make the skin appear dry. To give your skin a dewy finish (especially post cocktails) ensure you moisturise and then I like to use a BB cream (Maybelline Dream Fresh BB) rather than a heavy foundation. You don't have to use a moisturiser with BB creams if you have oily skin but I find my skin looks better if I add this step.

In this post I have also used the new Lancôme Dream Tone ( shade 1, shown in group picture) I will be posting more on this later as I have only just started using!

Lancôme DreamTone Shades

2. Go gently on the eye make up, use a light coverage of BB cream and concealer on the eye area and dark circles. Use a light eyeshadow either matt or on younger skin with a touch of shimmer, I love Look's Statement Eyes in Bare.
Finally, finish off with a touch of mascara I am currently using a cheaper brand and I am loving it! MUA extreme curl Mascara. I love the way the brush curls the lashes and the formula isn't overly thick.

As this is a fresh look I have not defined my eyebrows but have brushed them into place.

3. A touch of blush - Cream blush again is less ageing and I am still loving my No2 Bourjois number enhanced with a touch of Affair from the VIVO Blush and Highlight palette.

3. On the lips use a dewy gloss such as Boots No7 BB Lips in Ballerina. I have also added a little slick of Oriflame Coral Pink for a pinky finish.

Now, are we ready to face the day? ;)

I hope these little recommendations help,
any other tired beauty tips you can recommend?

Lots of love,


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