Wedding Days and Marriage

Monday, 15 July 2013

It is officially wedding season and I am overjoyed that so many friends and family are tying the proverbial knot. It is genuinely the most lovely thing to take part in and witness, so congrats to all the newly weds out there!

As I tried on the 100th potential wedding guest frock of happiness it really got me thinking. If I could give any advice to me 3 years ago as I slogged over table plans, family etiquette and whether chocolate sponge was a suitable summer pudding...what would I say?

I would gently say :

Dear Dani and every other nervous/frazzled bride out there,

1. Do you love the man you are marrying? Do you trust him utterly and completely - yes? Wonderful, that is the tough stuff done :)

2. Stuff etiquette - the amount people go on about the top table anyone would think these people were royalty. In our modern world where if I had had the 'right' people on the top table it would have been like having Hitler and Stalin to tea it really is up to you and choosing people that not only mean the world to you but can also bear to sit side by side....

3. Don't sweat the small stuff - no one notices foliage, how the napkins are folded or how many tiers your cake is. Dani - chill re the table plan :)

4. Stop checking the weather like some kind of Met Office will hopefully be sunny - if not, you are stuck in a confined space with people who love you and they will all head to the bar/disco - win win :)

5. Pick the meal you want - fry up, toad in the hole, curried goat, whatever - don't serve something just because 'everyone likes chicken...' Seriously this is your first married meal - you need to keep your strength up ;)

6. Make it 'your' day - that is - you and your fiancé x If you pick bright pink as your theme colour maybe let hubby to be pick the table names...

7. Wear what you want - shop bought, hand made, high heels, low heels, boiler suit, Hawaiian skirt...the list is endless :)

8. I am still really glad I spoke at my wedding breakfast this may break tradition but I had a lot of people to thank and remember - so it may be worth considering.

Finally....Smile until your face hurts, dance bare foot in your wedding dress and enjoy every moment, it truly will be one of the best days of your life...

All my love and huge congratulations again

A slightly wiser Dani xxx

Image 1. Si and I
Image 2. Keira Knightley's stunning outfit choice ( image location)

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