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Malibu Marilyn

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Yesterday feeling a touch less pale (thanks to some fab fake tan products, more on those later) I felt brave enough to debut a white sleeveless collared white dress from Jane Norman :) I love white clothing with bronzed skin and gold accessories - my idea of true luxe.

As you can see my hair is now at full on badger stage - my roots are dreadful, meaning that even a side parting looks bad. So the only solution was up with a braid, oddly when you braid highlighted hair at this stage it does actually look quite pretty thanks to the contrast in colours.

In these pics I have the same make up as discussed in yesterday's post except this time I have swapped in Bobbi Brown lipstick in Bikini Pink which is a light non shimmer pink that looks great with slightly tanned skin. It is quite a dry formula so I teamed up with No 7 BB lips in apricot.

As I may have mentioned previously ;) I love coconut so my sunscreen of choice is ALWAYS Malibu - yes it is 80s but I love it! I wear factor 30 because I am really pale and Id rather fake it than risk a true tan.

So what hair styles do you rock your roots? Bandana? Braids? High pony tail?


Image 1 : Roots :(
Image 2 : Malibu addict

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