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Happy Holidays

Monday, 8 July 2013

Isn't it lovely to finally have some sun! I swear I have summer clothes from last year with the tags still on...

As we are currently saving for new appliances for our new house (glamorous isn't it - adulthood) and with a small Tasmanian devil in tow a foreign holiday was out of the question. However, luckily for us my lovely inlaws have a bolt hole in Bournemouth so we could at least escape the smoke and reacquaint Mr Jim with his bucket and spade :)

I thought I would try whilst we are away to do an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post as well as a few beauty reviews of holiday bits and bobs. I am sure there will also be the odd pic of the boys as I have to say they are really rocking their holiday finest too ;)

Hope you are all having a lovely summer!


Image 1 : Snazzy 80s Postcard LOVE
Image 2 : Me : Oasis top, Gap 3 year jeans cut to shorts, Tesco bikini, Oasis sunglasses, H&M beaded bracelets. James : dungarees and T shirt Mothercare
Image 3: James and the lollypop tree/ James and his new Mothercare sunglasses
Image 4: The boys on the beach!

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