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Hang Ups and Hundreds and Thousands

Friday, 12 July 2013

As I read through my posts I realised although they are certainly pretty they are a tad fluffy and perhaps lack a bit of depth.

The idea of this blog is to review products, show outfit ideas/combinations as well as general design ideas and thoughts - the latter I feel I may have neglected a bit.

I certainly don't want this blog to be a load of smiley selfies and with this in mind thought that maybe if I shared some of my hang ups and things I do to combat, dress for and generally boast my confidence it may help you guys too :)

Firstly, my biggest hang ups include my hips, bum and thighs - Mr B says they are womanly, I say jiggly, I live in fear of hot pant shorts and recently practically cried over a pair of candy stripe denim shorts in Miss Selfridge. I am all for people letting it all hang out but constricting my blancmange like bits in tight denim is neither comfortable nor pretty in my eyes. I also cannot wear pleated skirts - think matronly hockey teacher and you have me right there - not great.

However, having spent years following fashion with some degree of success and failure I have learnt the following :

1. Don't feel you have to follow trends and if you must, follow colour trends
rather than styles.

2. Enjoy fashion and don't be a slave to it.

3. Wear what you love with pride, hat from a jumble sale, awesome, dress
from a discount store, fabulous - big brands are not everything and also
some my fave items are years old, Magazine writers dress by 'season'
but I believe personal style evolves over years not bi annually...

4. Know what you feel confident in, I love pink so I wear it everyday - some
people have suggested over colours but they just aren't me. Pink is my
happy colour - what's yours?

5. Never save anything for best.

6. I love it when a friend says of an item of clothing 'That is so you' your
clothes and style should reflect who you are and give a flavour of your
personality. If you wear what you love, are comfortable and happy in your
style confidence will grow :)

Finally, go through your wardrobe if any item makes you feel a bit meh, is bobbly or washed out...chuck it!! better to have more space than feel ten lots of meh in the morning when getting dressed! Certainly no good for confidence or style!

I shall continue to avoid those pleats...but I have seen a beautiful pink Aztec pencil skirt that will accentuate those curvy bits nicely ;) xxx

hugs and hundreds and thousands x

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