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Bad Hair Day

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

It happens to us all (well those with dyed hair) around week 6/7 post hair appointment.

ROOTS!!! Argh!!! and once you have worked a side parting, headband, hat, balaclava you realise it is time to return to the hairdressers chair...

Well, silly me forgot to book an appointment in London and so I thought whilst in Poole I would try a salon there and maybe do a little comparison.

I booked a morning appointment with a salon called Beau because I really like the shop front, branding and customer service. I popped into book and they did a quick allergy test and discussed what I would like, the team were so friendly and warm - not at all off hand like some London salons are.

I have recently decided to change how I highlight my hair and have decided rather than alternating half head of highlights with a full head every 7/8 weeks, I am going to add in a T area appointment in between so I do T area, half head, full head every 7 weeks this will give my hair and purse a rest without succumbing to those rebel roots!

I cannot praise Beau salon and staff enough, they were attentive and presented a calm and professional atmosphere, trendy but not haughty and if I lived nearer I would certainly go back.
Also, the price was incredible, £35 for a T section of highlights!

As you can see the colour has been matched perfectly and they also blow dried my hair beautifully.

It is almost worth relocating for permanent good hair days ;)

Where do you have your hair done? Have you heard of Beau?


Image 1 : me before and after
Image 2 : Promotional images for Beau from Google images

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