A Dear John Letter

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I cannot pin point the moment that it happened, the moment I didn't care about their opinion, I wasn't excited by their arrival or when I became baffled by their comments, but it happened all the same.

It was like all good relationships, we knew each other inside out and had been in a flourishing reader/writer relationship for over eight years, so much so, my best friend had gifted me a subscription every Christmas for the past three.

They stood out as feminine, bang on trend and a hearty read - not too unobtainable like some "The 18 IT Bags this Season Under £5,000" but also not as trashy as others "My Great Aunt Polly is Actually a Unicorn..."

But then it all changed Elle, the relaunch and revamp that left many bare white pages with tiny images and the obsession with cosmetic procedures that seem to grace too many pages.

On top of that fashion shoots in black and white when the clothing isn't monochrome - why??

One of the most influential make up artists is limited to minimal content leaving me hungry for more. I appreciate a lot more content can be found online but then why pay for the magazine?

A fashion magazine lacking in fashion and beauty for real woman. I can't help thinking, who are they aiming at? As I personally don't know a lady who has regular facial peels, travels around Bali whilst driving a Nissan Micra ( current regular advertiser) Do you know this lady? Should we put out a wanted poster?

I just don't know this woman but I know it isn't me.

I'm going to give it till the end of the year, maybe by then she will leave this silly other woman and go back to writing for real women everywhere...like me.


All views in this post are my own, Elle magazine subscription bought as a gift. I have been a reader for 10 years.

Image 1: Google Image - one of my favourite covers pre revamp.

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