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Saturday, 15 June 2013

" Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday...."

As I sat contemplating my 28 year I felt a bit, well shall I say miffed - 28 - rubbish - what about 18, 21, 25 years far better ages, as I scrutinised my fine lines, additional freckles and other flaws. No perfect body here. What about my youth?! - pass me the the anti aging serum pronto!

Sadly, a tad deflated, tripping over my sons trucks and toys I wandered to the shower and started to ponder...My body has fixed three broken bones, produced a bonny boy and held my head high during divorce, heartache and sadness.. as well as striven to work, provide for my family and aim to be a fair human bean ;) and I am hammering myself over a few war wounds...

When did women stop thinking about the journey and focus on the facade? The odd stretch mark does not make you flawed, nor do the smile lines around your eyes, if anything they make you more beautiful and tell the story of who you are. So, Happy Birthday body, Happy Birthday to us, for all we have accomplished over the years x Fingers crossed for many more x

Statement Necklaces : 
Image 1 - 5 include vintage/H&M/Accessorize/Asda/ Image 6 Next/ Image 7 J Crew/ Image 8 Macy's/ Image 9 Accessorize/ Image 10 The Limited :). All items from images 6 - 10 can be found on ShopStyle x

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