Sophisticated, Sexy, Silly - Sweatshirt?

Monday, 24 June 2013

So I bought this rather Marmite 'esque' sweatshirt from Asda (ok, the kids section in Asda) and I love it. Hubby hates it and my eccentric aunt thinks it is marvellous.

Once I had taken off the tags I had a slight panic - what do I wear with such a peacock item?! - of course I thought! Green eyeshadow.

So here I am wearing the dividing item and the MUA Glitter Ball palette eyeshadows (mixing the light lemonade,forest green and molten brown shades).

Although the eyeshadow consistency is slightly crumbly the pigment is fab and blended well.

Jury is still out but the court jester is still in love with this one :)

What do you think? Too much?


Sweatshirt Asda, Eyeshadow MUA Glitter Ball palette

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