Hello! Dolly!! Ballet, Dolly Shoes, Pumps....

Monday, 3 June 2013

'Fashion is pain' did not come from my lips. I cannot quite recall who uttered this torturous phrase but it certainly wasn't me. I think it may have been Frenchie in Grease, anyhow...

Of course, I appreciate some of the most beautiful items of clothing are not 'comfortable', corsets and stilettos spring to mind (although I once came close to buying a pair of Jimmy Choo courts because seriously, they were like wearing clouds) any way I digress - in the real world and off the catwalk it is great to be stylish but most importantly not in agony. So, with comfort and style in mind I would like to declare my love for the humble dolly/ballet/flat pump.

If you need any further convincing see the beautiful and quirky selection below, although thinking about it without the mighty high heel Cinderella may never have had her happy ending ;)

Are you a ballet pump lover or a devoted stiletto heel wearer?

Image 1 title : Hello Dolly! (all my shoes!)/Louboutin/Tory Birch/Daniel/Ted Baker/M&S/Iron Fist/Cinderella image courtesy of Disney

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