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Friday, 28 June 2013

On Friday small boy and I took the train to see two of my oldest and closest friends from my college days :) This was Jim's first trip on a train and boy did he love it!

I have known Saz ( designer at and Karl for over a decade and the great thing about being friends for such a long time is that they know you inside and out. So over a cup of tea and cake we discussed pretty much everything - exciting things, tricky things and big decisions. This is why we three are friends and why they and all friends are so precious, even if you see each other once a year, less or more -you know and they know that you will always be there :)

I haven't seen much of them both since James arrived and I said to Karl "He (James) is the most amazing thing I have done but also the hardest" and he quietly replied "All the most rewarding things in life take the most work". I agree - that's the thing about Karl, he is always right.

So, once we had caught up, ribbed Karl and coaxed an unusually shy small boy out of his shell we did a teeny bit of shopping and I picked up another fabulous sweatshirt...(habit forming here, is this because I live in the UK and have no faith in the weather? Or because I can't get over the Kenzo number?) Ooh and some false nails - which I shall try and report back on.

So that was my Friday - pretty thoughtful, fun and certainly an adventure for the small man :)


Jim image 1/ Karl, Me, Jim and Saz image 2/ Jumper and nails from Primark image 3/ Kenzo jumper image 4/ Asos Jumper image 5

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