Suicide Blonde...IXS

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I am addicted to bleach. It is official. If there were a bleach anonymous group I would be a fully fledged member. I understand the damage it does, but nothing gets that lush creamy blonde without that potent peroxide. At the hairdressers I am alarmed when they say would you like several tones run through your highlights "Why?!" You will hear me cry - No silly x I want all over bleach...
So, to deal with this level of damage/addiction I am forever on a quest to source hair care that fixes straw like texture, calms the candy floss bouffant and smells amazing.
So here are my current favourites :

Shampoo: Australian Organics Intensive Care Shampoo - for dry, coloured or chemically treated hair.(John Lewis)

This shampoo is so fresh and pure with no Parabens. It cleans and clears old product residue like a dream, leaving no fake shine just beautifully clean hair.

Conditioner : Richard Ward Keratin Volume Conditioner.(Waitrose)

This conditioner is new to me but has already made a positive impression. It conditions but doesn't weigh down the hair which makes a huge difference to long hair. Bleached hair is also notorious for being knotty but so far this has certainly made my mane more manageable and less brittle. Of course, it smells amazing and contains wheat protein and sugar beet.

My secret weapon: Organix Coconut Milk Anti - Breakage Serum.

Where do I start? Firstly, it smells of holidays, Piña Coladas and Summer - bliss. It stops hair breakage by smoothing the hair shaft and adding egg white proteins to the hair to improve elasticity and strength. I love it because it works and smells divine. I only use one/two squirts as otherwise it will leave hair lank - which is never attractive.

If you are a bleach addict too just remember, someone once said "blondes have more fun..." and I for one would hate to disagree x

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