Mummy's little helper...

Friday, 17 May 2013

I am not an expert on beauty and this is by no means a beauty blog but I have discovered a product that I feel has made such an impact on my morning make up I had to share. As a busy sleep deprived mum, I am always looking for quick, reasonably priced products that keep me glam and boy, have I found one here...

I have always been, well since 2009 an Estée Lauder Double Wear girl ( recently a Double Wear Light girl) until the fateful day I discovered a sachet of Loreal Nude Magique CC cream in Anti - Fatigue in a magazine possibly my trusty Elle and decided one morning to give it a try swapping it in for my usual foundation.

On applying the liquid which I have to say applied with much ease, I was immediately impressed by not only the coverage but also the healthy but not orange glow my face had become.
I am very pale and have to say this suited my skin tone incredibly well, so much so three colleagues at work commented on my 'fresh' and 'rested' appearance.

The only negative I have found so far is that the texture can be slightly drying if you have dry skin like mine so I have applied slightly less liberally recently and have found the coverage just as good - of course for noticeable blemishes some concealer will still be required but other wise a touch of blusher and I am good to go. This truly is a mummy helper and ultimate time saver!

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