J'adore Dior absolutely and completely

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My first Dior purchase came one rainy January morning, post my first real heart break. I found myself sad and lost wandering around the Dior beauty counter only to be transformed from dumped duckling to sophisticated swan with a bag of goodies to brighten my day.

From then on I have studied, devoured and salivated over their creations, occasionally buying the odd piece of jewellery and make up. The clothing, so lady like in design but far too expensive for the average girls budget limits me to clippings and books on Dior's campaigns. I have to be honest, I have a whole page dedicated to the iridescent full skirt from Spring/Summer 2013.

So you can imagine when I heard Dior were taking over a substantial part of Harrods to mark Dior's long standing love of London and Harrods in particular I didn't hesitate in booking tea for my long suffering best friend and I.

The Dior experience and of course the tea was incredible. I don't think I can really explain in words so maybe I will let the pictures tell the story. X

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