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Fondant fancy fascinators

Monday, 13 May 2013

So fascinators are officially out...Now, this has left me in a real predicament, with a beautiful wedding coming up this Summer celebrating a close friends nuptials I feel I need head wear. So at the fear of becoming Mrs Bennett I am desperately searching for something to perch on my head that will look festive and gorgeous.
So far I have found two items I love, a head band by Serephine - Cosette Flower Hair Wrap (see below image 1) but at over £200 this is out of my budget and a more formal hat esque piece by Jacque Vert ( see below image 2) this is more reasonably priced but still...is it..a bit much?
I could ask my DH but he hates hats in all forms...maybe I'll ask the bride, she is well versed in all types of etiquette x

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