A Nod to Neon

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I remember my last attempt at neon, all leg warmers, off the shoulder T-shirts and badly applied miners make up - there was nothing remotely stylish or elegant about my styling, more trashy than tropical shall we say.
Well this season I have decided rather than bathe myself in neon, I shall try a gentle nod to the trend as to not look like a lost 18-30 club rep.

I have picked a range of dresses that I feel really use neon to illustrate print as well as shapes and styles that are feminine, flirty and fun without being...dare I say it...cheap and nasty. Some of these dresses are real investment pieces but hopefully I have chosen a range to satisfy all budgets and levels of bravery xx

Will you be brightening the dreary Summer by wearing neon? How neon will you go?

1. MCQ 2. Jane Norman 3. Clover Canyon 4. Love Label 5. Roberto Cavalli 6. Fashion Union

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