Me and my miscellaneous happy makers

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

When creating this blog I wanted a background and I thought what better way than to photograph and include my favourite bits and bobs.

In the picture you can see three dresses, I love dresses best - not really a trouser girl to be honest. The pink flower print dress was bought from Miss Selfridge years ago to mark the end of Uni and although a completely impractical item I spent my last £15 on it!
The shoes show my eclectic taste - jelly, leopard print, laser cut and my scented Vivienne Westwood numbers. As you can see I am not really a practical person although I suppose they are all flat :)
The accessories are my most over used except my pearl clutch which is so delicate and covered in pearls.
And finally my favourite Marie Antoinette cake baubles which I thought tied in my love of cake, silliness and of course fashion.
If you could make a composition of your favourite 'you' bits what would you include?

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