Champneys and the tickle challenge...

Monday, 29 April 2013

Yesterday, having held onto a Champneys voucher for the best part of five months I decided it was time I invested in some relaxation time sans the two men in my life. So after deliberating the menu of options I decided upon the neck back and shoulder massage for 25 minutes at £38 (Enfield Town Spa).

On arriving at 2pm one of the Champneys lovely ladies showed me to the waiting area where I was promptly whisked upstairs for a massage. Now I have to say the environment is lovely and calm bearing in mind this is the centre of town but unfortunately I found the lady who undertook my massage to be quite abrupt and in a hurry.

The massage itself was great until I realised the lighter the pressure the more ticklish it would be and therefore spent quite a lot of the time stifling the giggles (note to self ask for heavy pressure next time), otherwise I certainly felt more relaxed afterwards but would possibly select a full body massage next time as 25 minutes is nowhere near long enough!

Overall, a nice experience (I hate the word nice) but it sums up this experience completely - pleasant and relaxing but no real frills that would make it feel like a really luxurious treat, from past experience the country spas are better for that real sense of escape.

Voucher was a lovely gift from my sis in law xx
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